Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,935 poems read

More than the most unbelievably efficacious of medicines; which irrefutably proclaimed to swipe every trifle of disease forever from your deplorably impoverished form, 


More than the most impregnably fortified of milk; which irrefutably proclaimed to impart such an ardent tenacity to every of your shriveled bone; which was harder than the hardest of rock, 


More than the most brilliantly scintillating of mirrors; which irrefutably proclaimed to candidly portray even the most hopelessly obfuscated shades of your lugubriously disheveled persona, 


More than the most unassailably learned of saints; who irrefutably proclaimed to ameliorate you of even the most ghastliest of pain; by simply caressing a singleton whisker of your hair with their fingertips, 


More than the most vividly euphoric of breeze; which irrefutably proclaimed to timelessly rejuvenate even the most tawdrily decrepit of your nerves; pricelessly

bestow you with caverns of unprecedented exhilaration, 


More than the most indomitably parading of dinosaurs; who irrefutably proclaimed to make you the strongest organism on this fathomlessly emollient Universe; as

they hoisted you towards the sky in their arms, 


More than the most ravishingly undulating of seas; which irrefutably proclaimed to bless every cranny of your bereaved soul with such tanginess; that you'd never ever feel the perils of treacherous exhaustion, 


More than the most jubilantly bewitching of fairies; which irrefutably proclaimed to inexhaustibly liberate you from even the most inconspicuous of your worries; placing you forever in the eternal grass of paradise, 


More than most Omnipotently blazing of Sun; which irrefutably proclaimed to vanquish even the most fugitive ounce of depression from your bones; perpetuating you to forever march forward in optimistic rhapsody, 


More than the most eternally foliated of trees; which irrefutably proclaimed to limitlessly mollify you with their bountifully symbiotic consanguinity; put you

into a state of eternally celestial rest, 


More than the most iridescently magnetic of stars; which irrefutably proclaimed to incredulously tantalize you out of your every agony; be perennially there as your sole savior for an infinite more lives, 


More than the most stupendously enamoring of rainbows; which irrefutably proclaimed to magically mitigate you of your delirious obsessions; bring out the blessed human in you for times immemorial, 


More than the most enviably contemporary of contraptions; which irrefutably proclaimed to incredulously ease every cynically onerous task of your life; at a speed faster than that of fervent light, 


More than the most triumphantly virile of seeds; which irrefutably proclaimed to embody in you such an astounding virility; that even the most saddened part

of you proliferated into boundless cisterns of effulgent happiness, 


More than the most majestically undefeated of kings; who irrefutably proclaimed to replace even the most ethereal insinuations of your poverty; with a heaven

of unceasingly invincible gold; silver and richness, 


More than the most sensuously inebriating of clouds; which irrefutably proclaimed to tirelessly enshroud every frazzled dormitory of your brain with royal fantasy; making you fly above the land of infinite infinity even as you alighted your first foot to walk, 


More than the most infallibly fearless of friends; who irrefutably proclaimed to forever annihilate every trace of angst in your conscience; with the unbeatably peerless bond of their everlasting friendship, 


More than the most immortal fulminations of your blood; breath and heart; which irrefutably proclaimed to keep the dwindling spirit in your devastated countenance; alive for a countless million births yet to unveil, 


If anything was ever going to cure you of the worst of your mental or physical ailments; then it is solely and only your perpetually augmenting desire to live

and let live from the most innermost realms of your soul; irrespective of whatever you were ever confronted with; of course with the blessings and the grace of 

the Omnipresent Almighty Lord.

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If Anything Was Ever Going To Cure You.