Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,866 poems read

In the conglomerate of sinister clouds; there lay hidden twinkling stars, 

Which emitted brilliant ramifications as the sky cleared; mystically illuminating the atmosphere. 


In the dense clusters of green leaves; there lay hidden the incongruously

sculptured branch, 

Which was thoroughly elastic with succulent juice oozing; and provided adequate nutrition to the leaves.


In colossal slopes of the treacherous mountain terrain; there lay hidden infinite tunnels; sequestered from acerbic rays of the Sun, 

In which resided scores of innocuous rabbit; as well as a fleet of wailing wolf.


In the hostile fangs of poisonous reptile; there lay hidden a hissing sound, 

Which permeated the ambience with waves of enchantment; indispensably captivating the attention of all animals in vicinity.


In the blistering rays of flaming sun; there lay hidden resplendent tinges of rich gold, 

Which depicted its natural splendor; the mesmerizing spell that it had cast for centuries unprecedented on this earth. 


In the ocean of sizzling lava strewn rampantly circumventing the volcano; there lay hidden crimson colored fumes, 

Which painstakingly arose in the air; eventually blending with the firmament of sky.


In the diabolical silhouette of wild elephant; there lay hidden twin pairs of gleaming tusks, 

Which bore their way vehemently through the jungle outgrowths; portraying their magnanimous glory to all.


In every rivulet of the intensely polluted stream; there lay hidden sweet mineral water, 

If only it was scrupulously recycled; stringently annihilating disdainful impurities impregnated in its persona. 


In the body of every little child wandering on this earth; there lay hidden the Omniscient God, 

As immaculate as virgin milk dribbling from cow teats;  with the entire universe distinctly visible in the impeccable mouth.


And in the eyes of overwhelming hatred; there lay hidden dormant traces of perpetual love, 

Which was ready to yield; the moment you caressed and tickled it with loads of empathy blended with profound care.

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In The Eyes Of Hatred