Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Not even the most panoramically exuberant of waterfalls; which perennially culminated into the most invincible heavens of triumphant freshness, 


Not even the most spell bindingly pristine of meadows; which miraculously ameliorated even the most deliriously thwarted of senses; with their inimitably

unparalleled festoon of golden dewdrops, 


Not even the most vivaciously undulating of seas; which interminably evolved into an infinite entrenchments of virgin white froth; unabashedly kissing the shores every now and again like an unabashedly glorious seductress, 


Not even the most inscrutably enthralling of forests; which timelessly enamored even the most lugubriously morose elements of the atmosphere; with the spirit 

of everlastingly reviving nature, 


Not even the most tantalizingly nubile vixens; who inevitably perpetuated even the most obsolete cranny of the impoverished flesh; to tower till the highest territories of fathomless sky, 


Not even the most uninhibitedly enchanting globules of rain; which instantaneously metamorphosed every trace of forlornly wanton exhaustion; into a cloudburst of

magnificently untamed exultation, 


Not even the most boundless treasuries of glittering wealth; which virtually possessed the power to buy every ounce of unassailable luxury; on this effulgently 

ecstatic planet, 


Not even the most victoriously flaming rays of the undefeated Sun; which unstoppably transformed every bit of inexplicably cadaverous depression; into an unshakably kingly rainbow of eternal smiles, 


Not even the most fearlessly unflinching roar of the lion; which was the absolute epitome of priceless supremacy; in the ravishingly unfettered outgrowths of iridescently soul searching wilderness, 


Not even the most magically mellifluous granaries of unconquerable nectar; which limitlessly bonded organisms of every caste; creed; color and kind; into the religion of unbreakably humanitarian sweetness, 


Not even the most peerlessly virile lap of the blessedly indomitable soil; which perpetually fructified into the fruits of naturally robust goodness; and ensured that the mantra of effervescent life forever palpitated, 

Not even the most innocuously milky beams of the moon; which redefined even the most haplessly devastating and vindictive blackness; as the profoundly bewitching

moonlight midnight, 


Not even the most vividly ebullient of rainbows; which tirelessly spawned into an undaunted new civilization of gaiety and charm every unfurling instant; far and a

fathomless kilometers away from the prejudices of vituperatively criminal mankind, 


Not even the most poignantly intrepid of winds; which forever ensured that there never ever could exist even the most evanescent speck of monotony; which forever

made you feel that you were just freshly born, 


Not even the most Omniscient mother's milk; which granted every penurious bone of yours; the insurmountable tenacity to victoriously stand up to the most hideously plundering devils, 


Not even the most candidly transparent of mirrors; which unhesitatingly revealed the most innermost quarter of your pugnaciously parched soul; gorgeously mitigating you of every trace of your cursed misery, 


Not even the most unlimitedly ubiquitous of compassion; which befriended you so majestically in your times of pernicious distress; that you felt yourself as the most blessed organism alive, 


Not even the most fierily unadulterated puff of breath; which so regally reinvigorated even the most invisibly deteriorating of your senses; to holistically perceive beyond 

an infinite more lifetimes, 


For if there's anything at all that can forever and ever and ever liberate a true man; then it is none else than his beautifully unbridled and passionately burgeoning ocean of; inimitably infallible fantasy.

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Inimitably Infallible Fantasy