Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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There were an infinite fraternities of scents available to wonderfully mollify just one of my disdainfully agitated armpit; wholesomely transcend over the dreadfully preposterous stench emanating, 


There were an infinite shades of mascara available to stupendously enthrall just one of my obnoxiously beleaguered eyelash; engender it to marvelously outshine every maelstrom; tornado or the fiercest of inexorable rain, 


There were an infinite colors of lipstick available to fantastically embellish just one my fretfully grotesque lip; grant it the status of a gloriously uncrowned fairy; for centuries unprecedented, 


There were an infinite shapes of swords available to majestically brandish my just one of my disparagingly bereaved bone; make it feel like patriotically blazing and invincible warriors; even against the most acrimoniously cannibalistic of attack, 


There were an infinite synchronizations of music available to sensuously titillate just one of my hedonistically emaciated eardrum; replenish its compassionate hollows with the most unbelievably mellifluous and rhapsodically tantalizing sounds, 


There were an infinite textbooks of sagaciously perspicacious literature available to beautifully enlighten just one my horrendously illiterate senses; blissfully metamorphose even the most inconspicuous trace of lecherous nothingness in my soul; into a fountain of Omnipotent learning, 


There were an infinite varieties of exotically iridescent pearls available to handsomely adorn just one of the gorily sinister contours of my hapless neck; transform it into a royal queen's necklace for as long as this planet existed, 


There were an infinite curvatures of sun-glass available to incredulously sequester just one of my truculently blood-shot eye; hypnotize it into a paradise of arcane seduction; even under the most savagely blistering rays of the sweltering mid-day



There were an infinite forms of titillating wine available to liberate just one of my satanically incarcerated senses; foment me to uninhibitedly express my miserably lambasted inner self, 


There were an infinite fabulous dreams available to profoundly rekindle my just one part of my hedonistically whipped mind; catapult me to a land more higher and handsome than unbelievably celestial paradise, 


There were an infinite scrumptious delicacies available to marvelously placate just one  pang of rapaciously growling hunger in my stomach; making me feel as the most pricelessly contented organism on this Universe; after I consumed the same with untamed gusto, 


There were an infinite dials of luminously trendy watches available to regally adorn just one of my uncontrollably quavering wrist; enthrallingly binding it in the righteously punctilious definitions of discerning time, 


There were an infinite silhouettes of bewitchingly titillating vixens available to timelessly arouse just one cranny of my drearily despondent flesh; transport

me into the corridors of Kingly cloud nine; for countless more births of mine, 


There were an infinite molds of aristocratic candles available to beautifully enlighten just one of my disparagingly dolorous and ignominiously slandering night; make me feel like the ultimate silken Moon shimmering brilliantly on the trajectory of boundless earth, 


There were an infinite cylinders of quintessentially artificial blood and breath available to Omnipotently reinvigorate just one of my horrendously dying form; bestow me upon with cardinal pints of divinely life, 


There were an infinite brands of astounding blades available to stringently scrap just one whisker of unceremoniously bedraggled beard from my cheeks; rendering them more immutably sparkling than the candidly scintillating mirrors, 


There were an infinite springs of redolent water available to bathe and amazingly quench just one element of my sordidly disheveled skin; annihilate even the most mercurial speck of unsolicited alien dirt from my disgustingly crumbling persona, 


There were an infinite types of state-of-the-art fabric available to compassionately embrace just one of my impoverishedly trembling caricature; impregnate in it the tenacity to face even the most wretchedly freezing of circumstance, 


Paradoxically; just one girl on this entire unending Universe; none other but just one girl out of countless girls symbiotically existing; was available; was enough to bless and insuperably bond with an infinite beats of my unsurpassably passionate and

relentlessly wandering heart; for an infinite more births of mine.

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Just One Girl