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 Love Keeps

Today may seem a lonesome trek
Inside our home where once I slept
When time was mine to share with you
Time I keep that made us two

Though far is where I roam this day
I have high hopes to share what played
A lifetime with the one I loved
That's you dear wife I write now of

Be strong and know I'll never leave
Inside your heart I also breathe
For it is there where you'll find me
There always so please believe

Believe love keeps me close right there
There where GOD allowed to share
A man who loved and tried to be
Always with you I pray you see

Be strong my love and listen to
The breeze today I whisper through
My words to ears that gave me joy
Though old became of me your boy

Believe love keeps what still is mine
You I'll wait for when it is time
To be with you as GOD allows
My love to walk upon His clouds

Be not afraid of coming days
For this you know we both have prayed
As this is not the end my dear
It now begins my name I hear

Called out as I now walk on through
Past white pearled gates as you will too
Among all those we shared when time
Was ours to have both yours and mine

I share of bread at banquet grand
A gown of white, Gold streets there stands
Women I knew were close to heart
Elvira your mother, aunt Carmelita a part

Part of you and also mine
Part of us that shared lifetime
Times to laugh and also cry
Today our GOD has hushed my sighs

Hold to moments that keep your smile
Lean now on them for just awhile
As they bring joy that warms my soul
Joy in time where you I'll hold

Love keeps today and yesterdays
Tomorrows too one day away
Closer my dear when fast asleep
Closer than close as love keeps

This write is for my sister Noelia with love from Luis

Love Keeps


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