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We live here in a sea of mud where

Grown men cry and live in fear

As the next dawn attack 

Draws inexorably near.

They blow their whistles 

And scream and shout

Drive us over the top

Up and out

Into withering fire from 

Clattering machine guns

Deliberately fired by

Those opposing huns.

Marching on looking

Straight ahead

Avoiding sight of 

Both dying and dead.

Can anybody tell me 

Where’s the good

Me slogging through

This sea of mud 

To maybe fight 

Hand to hand  

With those who fight for

God and Fatherland.

God King and country

Is what we are fighting for

In this sea of mud

In this senseless war.

For the whims of our leaders 

We and our brothers fight and die;

For God’s miserable sake

Please, somebody, tell me why.


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