Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Seduction by the poignantly drifting scent of the titillating rose; unrelentingly triggering me to fantasize beyond the realms of the astoundingly extraordinary; and the land of the fantastically unknown, 


Seduction by the majestically floating clouds in fathomless sky; insatiably propelling me to dance like an untamed fairy; unleashing even the most intricate of my senses in uninhibited euphoria, 


Seduction by ebulliently pelting rivers of ecstatic rain; timelessly metamorphosing each element of my drearily impoverished soul; into the celestial fountains of scintillating paradise, 


Seduction by the unbelievably enthralling melody of the voluptuous nightingale; Omnisciently alleviating me of my monotonously bizarre and vindictive monotony, 


Seduction by the spirit of irrefutably everlasting humanity; magnificently enveloping my traumatically besieged contours with the balm of unequivocally heavenly sharing, 


Seduction by the Omnipresent light of the regally blazing Sun; beautifully reinvigorating even the most infinitesimally acrid complexion of my morbidly asphyxiated skin, 


Seduction by the enchantingly swarming and rambunctious bees; wholesomely driving even the most obsolete iota of lackadaisical loneliness from my horrendously beleaguered conscience, 


Seduction by the unfathomably silken winds of the ingratiating evening; marvelously soothing every step of my frantically frenzied and indefatigably exhausted stride, 


Seduction by the fascinatingly inebriating full plumage of the resplendent peacock; profusely evoking even the most inconspicuous part of my skin; towards an unsurpassable entrenchment of tantalizing beauty and goodness, 


Seduction by the immaculately pearly light of the Omnipotent Moon; sensuously unfurling the wanderer trapped uncouthly in my estranged nerves; towards a planet of blissful timelessness, 


Seduction by the divinely cascading waterfalls of frosty water; miraculously replenishing my lugubriously invalid visage; with astronomically endless ecstasy, 


Seduction by the incredulously sacred fragrance of the ubiquitous lotus; triumphantly descending on every part of my persona like a wonderfully nubile seductress let uncontrollably loose, 


Seduction by the innocuously philandering messengers of God; plunging even the most obnoxiously victimized element of my demeanor; into the valley of inimitably

priceless mischief, 


Seduction by the panoramically vivacious meadows of honey coated grass; relentlessly transpiring me to blend each of my agonizingly frazzled senses with the stupendously godly melody of the atmosphere, 


Seduction by the bed of gorgeously velvet dewdrops; harmoniously making me wholesomely juxtapose with the rudiments of holistically boundless existence, 


Seduction by the fabulously amiable cosmos of twinkling stars; enlightening even the most sordidly massacring path on which I transgressed; with a cistern of irrevocably unprecedented happiness, 


Seduction by the magnificently ethereal and spell binding horizons; handsomely mitigating me of even the most perilously sinister apprehensions of the gruesomely sweltering and scorching day, 


Seduction by unassailable infernos of passionately fulminating breath; stirring me more and more astonishingly closer towards the Lord's most revered chapters of; procreation; proliferation and perpetual existence, 


Seduction by the beats of the immortally unconquerable heart; intransigently enticing me into a sky of eternally endless love; as each instant unveiled into a wholesomely cherished minute, 


O! Yes; Life was the most gloriously titillating seductress dancing on my doorsteps; Life was the most beautiful gift of the Almighty Creator upon this undefeated Universe; Life was a sensuous lovebird of pristine togetherness; Life was an everlasting seduction.

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Life-An Everlasting Seduction.