Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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It could be overpoweringly uncompromising; with its magnetic swirl transcending over every conceivable organism in holistic vicinity, 


It could be profoundly one sided; with the unfathomable chariots of ardent desire chasing the mesmerizing mists of eluding seduction; day in and day out, 


It could be brutally unforgiving; with even the most mercurial iota of suspicion; disastrously ruining its silken fabric; till times beyond infinite infinity, 


It could be unflinchingly exhilarating; with even the truculently mighty of maelstroms disintegrating like a pack of frigid matchsticks; in front of its invincibly divine caress, 


It could be majestically passionate; with its kiss of timeless voluptuousness becoming an Omnipotent glow; even as the gallows of disparaging hell wholesomely coalesced with sacred earth, 


It could be ebulliently promiscuous; with its spell of inevitably everlasting sensuousness; diffusing amongst entities even before the perpetual bondage of sacred



It could be endlessly jittery; with even the most minuscule of event unfurling; engendering a boundless flutter in its whirlpool of fathomless sensitivity, 


It could be euphorically triumphant; with its unassailably fragrant spirit; blazingly emerging as the ultimate messiah of amiable togetherness; even from the coffins of treacherously thwarting death, 


It could be unconquerably resplendent; with every other color in the boundless atmosphere; proving a shade too dolorously dull; in front of its ravishingly spell binding vivaciousness, 


It could be uxoriously timid; succumbing in wholesome entirety to even the most poignantly intricate commands of its partner; howsoever baselessly worthless that they might have seemed, 


It could be flamboyantly blistering; irrefutably dominating even the most contemporarily gracious styles; with its aura of Omniscient symbiotism and

enthrallingly enchanting beauty, 


It could be indefatigably tantalizing; engulfing the gigantic planet in mists of unendingly vivid compassion; fabulously pacifying the voice of murderous monotony with the mantra of unshakable companionship, 

It could be Omnipresently philanthropic; bonding every religion; caste; creed; and tribe; in the beats of perennially beautiful and melanging  mankind, 


It could be relentlessly dreamy; with even the most torturously devastating winds of gory bloodshed and crime; miserably failing to have the tiniest of impact on 

its gregariously fantasizing demeanor, 


It could be tirelessly penalizing; as one partner altruistically bore the brunt of the other's pompous idiosyncrasies; still garnering all love on this planet for his lambasting rhyme, 


It could be thunderously sensuous; with its rays of eternally gratifying compassion; ubiquitously overpowering even the heart of the most exotically ecstatic night, 


It could be indomitably truthful; with its reflection of undefeatably sparkling righteousness; pricelessly disseminating to even the most forlornly fretful and

malicious quarters of this gargantuan earth, 


It could be unbelievably sacrificing; with both partners blissfully ready every unfurling minute to relinquish the last iota of their breath; for timelessly saving each other, 


But one thing was profusely indisputable and for sure; that love new no religion; boundaries or limits; Love was an uninhibited bird soaring higher than the skies for times immemorial; Love was a thread which none could break except the Gods; Love was bold; Love was Berserk; Love was beautiful; Love was bountiful, Love was boundless, O! Yes, Love is BLIND.

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Love Is Blind