Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,725 poems read

It was a story of untamed passion; which escalated higher than the skies; as they kissed each other till eternity; with the Sun descending down the obsolete



It was a story of astounding enthrallment; as they stared relentlessly at each other; for centuries immemorial, 


It was a story of wonderfully surreptitious flirtation; as they gallivanted in brazen exhilaration behind the misty hills, 


It was a story that profoundly tantalized even the most dreariest of leaves; as they enveloped their bodies in whirlpools of seductive caress, 


It was a story of immaculate innocence; as they blossomed into merrily tinkling laughter; stupendously intrigued as the tiniest of petals bloomed into happiness, 


It was a story that captivated even the most uncouthly manipulative in its divine swirl; as they unrelentingly fantasized in a mystical entrenchment of their own, 


It was a story of ravishing titillation; as they gyrated their compassionate bodies; cataclysmically under the radiantly shimmering moon, 


It was a story of unparalleled enigma; as they wandered inscrutably through the dense forests; their shadows evading the satanic world outside; like the voluptuously rustling tree leaves, 


It was a story of benevolent sharing; as they stood unflinchingly like an invincible rock; in times of distress and supreme joy; alike, 


It was a story of insatiable dreaming; as they wandered in the land of gloriously golden paradise; profusely teasing the grass blades with their mischievous toes; as they walked, 


It was a story of irrefutable triumph; as they perpetually coalesced their spirits as one; defying the acrimoniously lecherous society, 


It was a story of inexorably euphoric melody; as they let their voices drift ecstatically; into handsome cocoons of free sky, 


It was a story of astronomical faith in the divine; as they endeavored their best to alleviate shivering humanity; wholeheartedly embracing their fellow comrades in pain, 


It was a story of profound companionship; as they uninhibitedly laughed and cried together; emphatically expressing their most inner most feelings of existence, 


It was a story of spell binding faith; as they wholesomely massacred even the most inconspicuous element of evil; trying to venomously perpetuate into their blissfully charming relationship, 


It was a story that diffused respect for all philanthropic; as they gorgeously blended their impeccable souls; with all those benign marching in this world, 


It was a story of inexplicably evoking vacillations; as they emerged undefeated; wading through a sea of unfathomable adversities; that viciously attacked them

from all sides, 


It was a story that sprung into a perennially new beginning every time you thought that it had ended; as they took birth an infinite times; to live for one another; once again, 


Most importantly; it was a story that bonded two throbbing hearts in an aura of Omnipotent love; it was a story of their gloriously sacrosanct passion that caused even the mightiest in the heavens to bow down at their feet; it was their IMMORTAL LOVE STORY.

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Love Story.