Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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When she looked at me; glancing mildly at the hidden contours of my face, 

I perceived overwhelming waves of euphoria thunderously pound on my chest; suddenly felt as handsome as the jeweled prince. 


When she came face to face with my persona; at the contemporary shopping store, 

I inadvertently lost my balance; tripping down towards the floor in dumbfounded consternation; with the contents of my shopping bag rampantly dispersing all over. 


When she discussed about me in hushed voices; profoundly aggrandizing facts about my demeanor amidst her friends,   

I felt tumultuously exhilarated; felt as if I had conquered the highest summit in my non-illustrious career. 


When she waved to me from across the bustling street; blatantly displaying the rubicund skin of her intricate palms, 

I worked with a rejuvenated vigor at office; meticulously executed all tasks in half the time I usually took. 


When she chivalrously offered to share her umbrella; in a voluptuous ambience of torrential rain pelting down, 

I felt ravishing sensations stab my body; insurmountable gratitude towards her engulf my conscience. 


When she assisted me to up pick my handkerchief from the muddy ground; our eyes locked for marathon seconds of time, 

I felt inexplicable shivers run down my spine; and there seemed to be mystical reverberations that echoed clear and strident through my mind. 


When she talked with me on telephone; the captivating melody in her voice seemed to be drowning me in waves of rhapsody, 

And I had to ask her to iterate her message at the end of the conversation; as I was irrevocably involved all the time in grasping the sweetness in her sound; 


When I opened her letter under enchanting light of the moon; I was mesmerized sighting her exquisite handwriting, 


The frenzy in my blood was so accentuated; that I swooned on the ground blissfully falling into a slumber with her writing resting on my eyes. 


When she addressed me by my name; I felt the conglomerate of bones in my legs transform into ethereal paper, 

I could hardly believe my ears; and pleaded with her to say it incessantly until her mouth ached. 


And the most memorable moment of my life came when she said to me I love you, whispering it while nimbly brushing across my cheek, 

It was one instant of my life, which I will perpetually remember; one instant that he entire wealth in this world could fail to purchase.

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Love You