Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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He looked salaciously at your eyes; pondering on umpteenth ways to extricate the last iota of moisture, 

While I glimpsed at them; to get wholesomely absorbed in the golden stream of profuse empathy that cascaded down your cheek.


He looked at your flesh; fervently desiring to be torturously tempted into a 

whirlpool of unending seduction, 

While I glimpsed it; insatiably wanting to become an irrevocably integral constituent of your blood.


He kept you in his dwelling; to tantalize himself beyond the realms of unprecedented desire; manifesting his heinous intents into an optimum reality, 

While I incarcerated you perpetually within the corridors of my moist breath; making sure that you frolicked till eternity in the land of resplendent stars.


He sketched you to assimilate all the millions that lay buried on this fathomless continent; utilizing your divinely smile to unsurpassable advantage, 

While I drowned myself perennially in your sacrosanct shadow; becoming entirely oblivious to the contours of my own body in the swirl of your mystical enchantment.


He fed you with meals all throughout the day; so that you pacified the most infinitesimal of his demand; executed his midnight chores; to save him from the

tyranny of the sinister night, 

While I encapsulated your majestic countenance like an invincible fortress from all sides; ensuring that you nestled in celestial bliss for countless more births to unveil.


He forced you to tickle him torrentially as every minute unfurled; bouncing in untamed euphoria as you haplessly squirmed towards the ground, 

While I always made it intransigently sure to adhere to the most extreme silhouettes of your lips; be the sole reason of your every compassionate smile.


He invidiously used you as an ingenious key to unveil the most formidable of lock; twisting you till the times your soul had no tears to cry, 

While I was the passionate set of lines which evolved freshly on your palms; each time you clenched your impeccable fists to rise above the meadow of macabre



He manipulated your life like a frigid matchstick; lighting and extinguishing it hideously to enlighten his times of disdainful remorse, 

While I pledged to the Creator to give me an infinite deaths; to make each life of yours a marvelously glorious paradise.


And he was one of those devils who loved you only for your flurry of grandiloquent riches; wanting to transiently taste the beauty the lord had endowed you with, 

While I was there present every instant in your heart; loving you more immortally than any entity in heaven or earth; with each of your unleashing beats.

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Loving You More Immortally