Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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The broken door of pure rosewood needed a carpenter to repair it; replenishing its distorted edges with loads of compassionate varnish and an array of hostile nails, 


The broken slabs of building needed an engineer to refurbish it; reinforcing its surface with lanky beams and columns; fortifying its gaping string of holes with rich chunks of cement and concrete, 


The broken pieces of cloth needed a tailor to stitch them; blend the scattered fragments together; to evolve the stupendous garment again, 


The broken checkbooks and torn documents of financial operation needed a banker to resurrect them; spawn ingeniously manipulative policies to ensure that all business bounced back to robust normalcy, 


The broken switchboards needed an electrician to configure them; intermingle the boundless conglomerate of wires to produce sparkling beams of untainted light, 


The broken fields needed a farmer to plough them; sow the right concoction of seeds and manure; in order to metamorphose the gruesome sand into blossoming land of

enchanting fertility, 


The broken words of the book needed a writer to rearrange them; meticulously sort out the baffling jumble into magnificent lines of captivating literature, 


The broken spacecraft needed the scientist to remold it; splendidly synchronize its arms and tail; impregnate it with the most contemporary of machinery; to enable it to gush at electric speeds towards the heart of the blue sky, 


The broken ornaments needed the goldsmith to reinvigorate them; chisel the shards of unruly metal  into scintillating necklaces of fabulous silver, 


The broken carving on the wall needed the artisan to harness it; convert its disrupted demeanor into one with astounding solidity and oligarchic magnificence, 


The broken shoe lying desolate in the attic needed a cobbler to mend it; transform its mocking and dusty caricature into one with exquisite shine and abundant lace, 


The broken gutter needed a plumber to renovate it; wholesomely stop the flow of spewing debris; converting the rotten stench emanating into one of placid and stringent calm, 


The broken painting needed an artist to embellish it; join all the horrendously massacred shapes into mesmerizing contours of the spell binding fairy, 


The broken bone needed a doctor to coalesce it; bond the severely depleted fragments together to give birth again to a rubicund entity, 


The broken song needed a musician to reconstruct it; embody it with jazzy tunes and revitalizing melody; profusely recreating its stolen glory again, 


The broken bird needed an ornithologist to rejuvenate it; apply balm to its torn feathers; in order to impart it with tumultuous force and propel it to fly, 


The broken watch needed a watchmaker to wind it; oil its rusty coalition of springs; so that it ticked incessantly as time drifted by, 


The broken law and order in the city needed a policeman to rectify it; instill a sense of

impregnable security amongst citizens; with valiantacts of his dynamic bravery, 


The broken democracy in the world needed a flamboyant leader to uplift it; judiciously channelize all the energy of people for the betterment of this planet, 


The broken lawns sprawling disdainfully over colossal expanses of the valley needed a gardener to reinvigorate them; prudently squelch the unwanted weeds; in order to ensure that the roses bloomed merrily without parasites, 


The broken King needed a host of beautiful slaves to stimulate his dead senses; obey the most minuscule of his command; appease him thoroughly with dance; and the tantalizing cadence in their voice, 


The broken marriage needed a team of counselor's to recap it; solve the infinitesimal differences that had led to the execution of this bizarre event in life, 


The broken beliefs needed a sagacious saint to rebuild them; bring the abysmally lonely disciple closer to the realms of the omnipotent Ceator, 


The broken snapshot needed the photographer to reframe it; meticulously arrange the solitary chunks into a complete picture; depicting once again the smiling and

boisterous family, 


The broken victim needed the pressman to alleviate her pain; highlight to the world in his article; about the plethora of lecherous atrocities committed on her impeccable body, 


The broken stomach needed a waiter to satisfy it; serving it with mouth watering delicacies and thereby ensuring that it succumbed to blissful and contented sleep, 


The broken laughter needed a clown to re-establish it; inundate its miserable life with unsurpassable amount of smile and ecstasy, 


The broken web needed a spider to reweave it; embedding its mercilessly split trajectory; again with silver threads of slime, 


The broken sea needed a battalion of fish and coral reefs to reform itself; relive the incredulous moment of glory when it had just been created in this Universe, 


The broken discotheque needed scores of impetuous boys and girls to enliven it; flood its dreary ambience with fiery passion; pulsating dance; and voluptuous



The broken history needed an archaeologist to recount it; search for the missing links and clues that once upon a time led to the formation of noble dynasties, 


The broken hive needed boundless number of bees to refill it; encompass each pore its persona with their discordant buzzing; and supremely sweet streams of honey, 


The broken vegetables needed a chef to realign them; prepare appetizing delicacies out of the shoddy mass of loose grass and fruit, 


The broken children needed a philanthropist to liberate them; fill their lives with all the jubilation and fantasy which they were so desperately bereft off, 


The broken mind needed a psychiatrist to retrieve it; bring it to proportion with the civilized society; from the corridors of despondency and lost oblivion, 


The broken ship needed a captain to coherently steer it; surge it forward with gusto and insurmountable exhilaration into the deep waters of the sapphire ocean, 


The broken army needed a brave and an audacious soldier to instigate it; see to it that it emerged victorious without the slightest of blemish to its motherland, 


The broken den needed the lion to enlighten it; prove it once again to the world that it harbored none other; but the irrefutable king of the jungle, 


The broken morning needed the cuckoo to animate it; drive away all the gloominess prevailing in the atmosphere; with the mesmerizing rhythm in its voice, 


The broken line needed a teacher to restore it; explicitly explain it to the student its symbolic meaning and astronomical importance, 


The broken voice needed a ventriloquist to harness it; extract the hidden melody to the summit of its capacity; portray to entire world the euphoric essence of sound, 


The broken automobile needed a mechanic to invigorate it; lubricate its dying parts; pumping tons of fresh air in its tyre; granting it the power to conquer the 

most treacherous of slopes, 


The broken balls needed a juggler to enhance their charm; spin them at mind boggling speeds; revolving them at all angles in the breeze before delectably collapsing on the bed of pure silk, 


The broken valley needed environmentalists to plant it with infinite saplings; see the inconspicuous nodules ripen into dense forests within a matter of fading months, 


The broken house needed a ensemble of detectives to find the culprits; hunt out the criminals who transformed the family living in perpetual bliss into deceased corpses buried beneath the earth, 


The broken women needed faithful husbands to alleviate their tale of deprivation; making them witness a new and vibrantly optimistic face of tomorrow, 


The broken lives needed a messiah from the heavens to rehabilitate them; shower their bereaved souls with immeasurable happiness, 


And my broken heart needed a girl who could fully comprehend my sorrow; love me like no one else did on this globe; bonding every beat of mine with her violently throbbing heart; healing every incurable wound of mine; blending her breath with mine for times and births immemorial.

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My Broken Heart Needed