Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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My legs dictated me to run; chase her reflection till the point it became entirely invisible; blending with the ethereally fading horizons, 


My eyes dictated me to sight; admire her mesmerizing countenance for hours immemorial; drown myself into the river of voluptuous charm that lay trapped beneath her skin, 


My lips dictated me to sing; keep on incessantly evolving rhymes and tunes to stupendously please her enamoring visage, 


My hands dictated me to caress; run rampantly through her mass of supremely seductive hair; shiver with inexplicable excitement as they brushed across her

immaculate complexion, 


My ears dictated me to listen; profoundly blend myself with her enthralling voice; stretch myself to the most mightiest of limits to decipher even the faintest traces of rhapsodic ecstasy in her sound, 


My mind dictated me to fantasize; try and conceive her in the most incredulous forms that existed on this Universe; philander uninhibitedly with her majestic grace; through mystical lanes sandwiched well beneath the towering mountains, 


My teeth dictated me to inexorably chatter; tremble in unsurpassable trepidation crouched like a potato on her divinely doorstep; ardently waiting for her to

arrive in timid submission, 


My nose dictated me to smell; profusely coalesce myself with her enchanting fragrance; fill my appetite for marathon hours that unveiled in the day; inhaling

the ravishing that wafted from her impeccable countenance, 


My bones dictated me to dexterously move; in order to save her sacrosanct visage; from the minutest of evil suspended in the air circumventing her, 


My eyelashes dictated me to bat; render myself in innocuous submission; in front of her heavenly demeanor; transiting me way back into joyfully innocent childhood, 


My tongue dictated me to lick; clean every iota of path she was about to tread on and celestially purify; with my stream of passionately dribbling and volatile saliva, 


My nails dictated me to probe; nimbly trail down her nape; to thunderously ignite the waves of unconquerable compassion between our blessed entities, 


My arm dictated me to dig; adroitly pave the foundations of our dwelling; construct it with formidable brick and stone; for us to blissfully reside during the remainder of our destined life, 


My shoulders dictated me to carry her philanthropically magnanimous body; protect her from even the most inconspicuous shadow of danger; perilously lurking behind her ravishing form, 


My throat dictated me to leap and bounce; gasp in incomprehensible ebullience; with its Adams apple swirling more vivaciously than the volcano; the moment it witnessed her fabulously fascinating grace, 


My lungs dictated me to stay silent; create an ambience of perpetual solitude; so that she didn't get disturbed the slightest in her spell of unimaginably intense concentration, 


My skin dictated me to tremble in boisterous excitement; shiver more hysterically than freezing snow in the peak of blazing summer; in order to welcome her Kingly persona with diminutive humility, 


My conscience dictated me to immortally bond with her sacred soul; stand taller than the skies beside her; whenever she needed me, 


And my heart dictated me to love her; embed this existing life of hers with so much care; that it was more than what anybody could ever possibly muster; even in infinite lives.

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My Heart Dictated Me