Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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The tree relied overwhelmingly on soil; those trapped granules of spell binding moisture; to make it bountifully blossom towards the Kingly Sun, 


The tongue relied inevitably on slippery saliva; basked in the glory of voluptuous softness for times immemorial; as it pursed itself passionately on the scarlet lips, 


The ocean relied insurmountably on its undulating festoon of ravishing waves; the tantalizing globules of wild salt incarcerated within; which propelled it to swirl in uninhibited frenzy, 


The watch relied indispensably on its pair of slender needles; to indefatigably traverse round the clock; portray explicit shades of accurate time, 


The eyeball relied inevitably on its lids; the rejuvenating blankets of tears they oozed; with poignant intensity every unfurling second, 


The pencil relied tumultuously on its handsomely bonded lead; to emboss boundless lines of exquisite literature; deluge the surface of barren paper with exotic calligraphy, 


The dog relied profusely on its tail; to portray its flurry of candid emotions; the state of being which it was blatantly circumvented with, 


The envelope relied irrevocably on its set of contemporary stamps; the meticulous strings of denomination riveted on its body; that transported it at swashbuckling speeds to far and distant across the globe, 


The mountain relied intransigently on its towering summits; which ensured that it leapt in vivacious glory towards azure bits of golden sky; majestically loomed large above everything else in vicinity, 


The whale relied incorrigibly on its battalion of pugnacious jaws; which bestowed upon it the power to rip apart the most mightiest of entities into inconspicuous bits of pulverized chowder, 


The boat relied profoundly on its twin set of oars; to dexterously maneuver it like a price even in the most ominously turbulent of storm, 


The lips relied compassionately on a gregarious smile; the ingratiating aura which it imparted to their pathetically parched demeanor, 


The spider relied unsurpassably on silken strands of its velvety web; running to its hearts content across the labyrinth of threads without the slightest of shame or respite, 


The peacock relied unrelentingly on droplets of sparkling rain; the heavenly water which cascaded from the sky; evoking it to spread its oligarchic feathers into a royal bloom and dance, 


The arms relied incomprehensibly on bulging bits of muscle; to impregnate in them the power to doughtily fight; the power to audaciously survive, 


The brain relied unfathomably on memory; those nostalgic reminisces of the past; which triggered it to gain unstoppable momentum and surge forward with ecstatic reflections lingering enchantingly for times, 


The diamond relied tirelessly on shine; that queenly glint which made it the unprecedented darling of all tribes, 


The body relied perpetually on tangible breath; which instilled in it the tenacity to valiantly fight for its rights; and blissfully survive, 


And my heart relied solely on immortal love; the omnipotent essence of which made it passionately throb even centuries after veritable death.

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My Heart Relied On