Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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More passionate than the beating of my heart; the ferocity with which it throbbed 

all day and night, 


More faster than the blink of my eye; the revitalizing moisture it provided to my rotund eyeball, 


More vivacious than the hair on my scalp; the speed at which they blew in the 

most tumultuous of storm, 


More darker than the lines on my palm; which profoundly evolved and portrayed my destiny to the outside world, 


More dense than the blood which flowed through my veins; the grueling agony with which it extruded out of my skin when I was hurt, 


More stronger than the tenacity of my bones; the astronomical resilience which they displayed in resisting the hostile enemy, 


More acerbic than the sharpness of my nails; the poignancy which they depicted while scraping against the mosquito bites on my skin, 


More luscious than the color of my lips; the voluptuous complexion that they attained when I pursed them seductively with spurts of my saliva, 


More pungent than the perspiration that trickled down my nape; the tremors of excitement generated when I reached the pinnacle of success, 


More potent than the lines of poetry which I had embedded till date; the unfathomable heaps of literature I had produced in the tenure of my life, 


More tangy than the flavor in my mouth; the countless numbers of appetizing delicacies that I had consumed in each phase of the day, 


More stupendous than the most fabulous of my dreams; the most wonderful I could ever have envisaged; while I was awake or fast asleep, 


More sensitive than my ability to hear; decipher and crack the most intricate of sound prevailing in vicinity, 


More wild than the most deafening of my speech; the hysterical shouting I 

executed when thoroughly provoked, 


More mystical than the most lankiest of my shadow; the fairies I invited every night to dine and chat with, 


More infinite than the clusters of hair protruding from my scalp and arms; the millions new which took  solid roots every day, 


More enchanting than the breath that descended down my nostrils; unsurpassable number of times in the hour, 


More intense than my empathy for any entity; ever living or dead on the trajectory of this planet, Is my love for you and only you O! beloved.

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My Love For You