Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I used it to scrape streaks of blatant dirt; adhering languidly to my neck, 

Rubbed it vigorously against my bare skin; the instant I felt petulant sensations of itching.


I dipped it in a barrel of aromatic paint; keeping It immersed in a concoction of flamboyant color, 

Slapped it hard against the barren wall; inundating her surface with reinvigorating opalescent color.


I used it as a broomstick to swipe off tones of obnoxious dust; applying tumultuous pressure on its fragile persona, 

Buried it deep beneath the ground for few seconds; to evacuate pugnacious worms.


I caressed it gently against my nostril; applying its noninvasive hair to my lips, 

Produced a deafening sneeze soon after; as an inevitable aftermath of the application.


I held it high In the air; clenching it tightly in my rubicund palms, 

Swirled it unrelentingly in right angled patterns; using it as a contrivance for seeking indispensable help.


I melted it in crackling fires; transforming its body into a shriveled wire, 

Painted the same with pure gold; winding it dexterously against my slender neck.


I used it to wipe my effusive tears; holding it in close proximity of my intricate eye, 

Pressing it against my heavy eyelids; to gently massage exhausted arenas of my brain.


I rotated it wildly in the arid autumn breeze; trying to assassinate a fleet of ominous mosquitoes, 

Trying to impregnate waves of uncanny terror in all insects hovering around; perched innocuously in dark corners.


I fitted its head with a metallic cap; embossing it with fluorescent color, 

Even had the audacity to fix it in my pocket; substituting nicely for my fountain pen.


My toothbrush however looked the best; when coated with a flimsy layer of germicidal toothpaste, 

Scrubbed onerously against the periphery of my disdainfully yellow teeth; imparting them a scintillating shine.

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My Toothbrush