Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Neither did she grin flirtatiously towards my countenance; winking at me intermittently to let her playful intentions known, 

Nor did she scowl in utter disdain witnessing my facial contours; shrugging me off like a baseless mountain of matchstick.


Neither did she languish in the astoundingly seductive scent that wafted from my arms; clinging passionately to my shivering persona, 

Nor did she kick me ruthlessly with her feet; prosecuting me to ash like an ungainly trespasser.


Neither did she appreciate the tunes that I melodiously sung in the dolorous atmosphere; noddingher head in the cadence of the alluring sound, 

Nor did she push me off guard; hurtling me down the treacherously truculent slope of the deep valley.


Neither did she stare at me as the Sun unveiled magnificently from behind the horizons; absorbing my untamed passion in her eyelashes, 

Nor did she cast an overwhelmingly cold shoulder as she lingered beside me; making me wholesomely disappear in the cloud of dust which emanated when she kicked.


Neither did she empathize with the agony that poured from my eyes; the whirlwind of inexplicable desire that engulfed my demeanor all night and day, 

Nor did she tell her pet to lick the tears that lay disheveled on my shadow; strangulating the breath out of me with her dingy broomstick.


Neither did she realize the unprecedented river of infatuation that besieged my blood; the fulminating  volcano of attraction that I harbored for her every unleashing instant, 

Nor did she neglect me like paint miserably peeling from the walls; battering me into realms of absolute submission.


Neither did she ever caress me with her nails; never understanding how much I wanted to hear her whisper in my ardent ears, 

Nor did she discard me in the very instance she sighted my rubicund lips; shunting me perpetually from the tiniest iota of her ingenious memory.


Neither did she bond with the beats of my turbulently pulsating heart; exploring its unfathomable dormitories of love; which wanted to be solely her slave, 

Nor did she ever divulge any hatred for my diminutive stature on this boundless planet; burying me infinite feet under my corpse; when I was blissfully breathing

and alive.


And neither did she love me till the time I existed; not comprehending the compassion in my soul to be reborn a countless times; for being immortally hers, 


And nor did she possess any intention to kill me like an pertinently irascible mosquito; nor did she want that I left mother earth in an incredulous hurry.


Its definitely startling; but true; God had made several relationships like ours which were neutral; yet unique relationships bonded by invincible threads of  humanity.

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