Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,820 poems read

No petal is ever born disdainfully decayed; from the womb of the redolently mesmerizing and celestially effulgent flower, 


No fledgling is ever born a hideously treacherous vulture; from the womb of the uninhibitedly ecstatic and timelessly soaring bird, 


No raindrop is ever born smeared with satanic blood; from the womb of the impeccably glorious and fathomlessly endowing sky, 


No ray is ever born a mass of bedlam nothingness; from the womb of the Omnipotently Golden and brilliantly optimistic Sun, 


No sound is ever born cold-bloodedly cacophonic; from the womb of the vividly resplendent and ebulliently mellifluous nightingale, 


No flake of ice is ever born cannibalistically brown; from the womb of the innocuously placid and endlessly enamoring snowball, 


No globule of milk is ever born sadistically venomous; from the womb of the unsurpassably sacrosanct and benevolently munching cow, 


No mischief is ever born insidiously crucifying; from the womb of the vivaciously dancing and eternally cavorting rainbow, 


No salt is ever born diabolically asphyxiating; from the womb of the rhapsodically undulating and perennially poignant sea, 


No soldier is ever born a disparagingly gory traitor; from the womb of the Omnisciently proliferating and peerlessly blessing soil, 


No echo is ever born ludicrously silent; from the womb of the unfathomably deep and inscrutably reverberating gorge, 


No truth is ever born an egregiously marauding lie; from the womb of the unconquerably Omnipresent and Perpetually bestowing heavens, 


No honey is ever born iconoclastically prejudiced; from the womb of the fantastically boisterous and enchantingly exotic honey bee, 


No fruit is ever born forlornly deteriorated; from the womb of the quintessentially mollifying and blissfully symbiotic mud, 


No lion is ever born mercilessly trampling; from the womb of the uninhibitedly fearless and synergistically blossoming forest, 


No epitome is ever born lugubriously crumbling; from the womb of the invincibly compassionate and inimitably towering mountain, 


No continent is ever born atrociously bombarding; from the womb of the tirelessly panoramic and unbelievably majestic globe, 


No breath is ever born hissing parasitically pugnacious fire; from the womb of the insuperably heavenly and insurmountably moistened nostril, 


No beat is ever born murderously betraying; from the womb of the unassailably godly and passionately thundering heart, 


And no organism is ever born a reproachfully indiscriminate terrorist; from the womb of its unshakably priceless and altruistically blessing mother.

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No Organism Is A Born Terrorist