Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

144,863 poems read

Every envelope needed a stamp of indispensable denomination; in order to successfully deport and proficiently reach its consummate place of destination, 


Every writer needed a stamp of is publisher as well as his consortium of ardent admirers; in order to gain profound inspiration and surge ahead with flamboyance

in life, 


Every mountain needed the stamp of blistering Sun; in order to feel pompously elated and tower handsomely towards open patches of blue sky, 


Every dog needed the stamp of its master; in order to incessantly wag its tail in exuberant happiness; loyally guard colossal property that lay perilously

vulnerable all throughout the treacherous night, 


Every mother needed the stamp of her innocuous child; in order to make her life complete in all respects; in order to make her realize that she was indeed the

richest woman alive, 


Every palm needed the stamp of enigmatic lines; in order to provide it the unfathomably mystical and rich luxury of destiny, 


Every horse needed the stamp of its rider; in order to gallop majestically through undulating expanse of boundless land; win the race amidst countless other of

its kin and kind, 


Every pen needed the stamp of its manufacturer; in order to optimistically emboss unsurpassable lines of exquisite literature; keep indefatigably writing with

tumultuous confidence, 


Every ocean needed the stamp of its vivaciously swirling waves; in order to portray to the world that it was turbulently tangy and a stupendously magnificent sight, 


Every chest needed the stamp of impeccable fabric; in order to accentuate its robustly bulging contours to the outside world; present itself congenially and blend superbly with the intricacies civilized society, 


Every day needed the stamp of date; in order to depict its overwhelmingly vital significance; keep in tandem with the exact unleashing of whirlwind time, 


Every meadow of green grass needed the stamp of the sacrosanct cow; in order to prove that it was indeed the most exotic food found on this planet; had

encompassed in its blades all the inevitable ingredients to sustain life, 

Every web woven with slimy thread needed the stamp of the long legged spider; in order to cast its mystically enigmatic impression on the aliens who faintly witnessed it, 


Every boat needed the stamp of a captain; in order maneuver adroitly through the stormy waters; transport its scores of insurmountably nostalgic passengers; 

safely to the welcome shores, 


Every jeweled throne needed the stamp of a prince; in order to continue its lineage of oligarchic legacy; look incredulously royal even under the most diminutive rays of moonlight, 


Every skeleton needed the stamp of rubicund flesh; in order to tenaciously move; rise up with inexorable resilience to each horrendous barricade of life, 


Every kettle needed the stamp of reinvigorating sizzling brown tea; in order that people caressed its glistening periphery with loads of compassionate warmth, 


Every shoe needed the stamp of bohemian foot; in order to kick rhapsodically in ebullient atmosphere; hurl itself with rampant freedom to every nook and cranny

that it liked, 


Every eye needed the stamp of sparkling vision; in order to profusely engross and admire the unfathomable number of sights that existed bountifully in this world, 


Every tongue needed the stamp of commanding voice; in order to make its presence felt amongst a horde of wolves; and celestially survive, 


And every heart needed the stamp of immortal love; to passionately palpitate not only in life; but even infinite years after inevitable death.

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