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Justice demanded that I should die
The sentence more severe as time went by
A man I've never met, a deed I didn't do
Condemned me before my birth, just like you
Deceived by the idea none of it was real
I proceeded to pursue social appeal
The world keeps spinning, everything is fine
Party like a rock star in 1999
Blinded to the knowledge of another way
Another man I never met was introduced one day
His story so amazing and so hard to receive
A battle raged inside as I struggled to believe
Lost in the physical reality that my eyes couldn't see
My spirit compelled to answer the voice calling me
Convinced, confessed, and converted all in one day
My eyes were opened, life returned as the stone rolled away
Now I live in Jesus name, he took the death and the pain
He shed His glory to be adorned in my shame
The weight of sin that once held me down
He took with Him into the ground
As He rose on that faithful day
I arose the very same way
I am alive, I live again
Resurrected from the death of sin

J. Moore

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