Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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The sting of the mosquito; renders just an inconspicuous spurt of pain on 

naked flesh, 

Whereas the sting of greed; profoundly decimates blissful civilizations into horrendous bits of pulverized ash.


The growl of the panther; transiently paralyzes boisterous traces of palpable life, 

Whereas the growl of violence; metamorphoses brilliantly blazing light of the day into a cloud of perpetual darkness.


The sword of piquant iron; renders you ethereally unconscious with its flurry of inevitable wounds, 

Whereas the sword of lies; buries you infinite feet beneath your grave; massacring your conscience into sleazy pulp towards the fathomless sky.


The blanket of thorns; foments you to squeal a trifle everytime you tried to tread upon your spellbinding feet, 

Whereas the blanket of slavery; makes you a criminal for centuries unprecedented in the court of celestial existence.


The whirlpool of sand; obscured your vision for infinitesimal instants; ephemerally sequestering you from the reality of life, 

Whereas the whirlpool of manipulation; irrevocably cursed each organism alive with the most tyrannical of deaths.


The bars of the prison; made irascible inroads into normally unveiling lifestyles, 

Whereas the bars of pompousness; made irrefutably sure you kept hovering between heaven and hell even before veritable death.


The tunnel of darkness; temporarily dislocated you; propelling you to stumble towards the ground as you frantically tried to gauge your gloomy surroundings, 

Whereas the tunnel of crime stretched beyond realms of infinite infinity; with the only end being your hedonistically distorted corpse.


The  clouds of thunder clashed viciously in the sky; dumbfounding you for fraction seconds of time, 

Whereas the clouds of discrimination; invincibly ensured that there would not be the tiniest trace of light; even in the most Omnipotent of Sunshine.


And the heart of stress; fluttered nervously every now and again; but still survived on potent panaceas of holistic medicine, 

But the heart of betrayal; remained perpetually frozen for infinite births of it to unveil; even though it harbored the most tumultuous of beats.

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The Heart Of Betrayal