Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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The flowers blossoming in the fields; withered away as the soil on which they stood was thoroughly stripped of water, 


The leaves of the colossal tree disdainfully shriveled and fell; as the onset of autumn took its toll on the surrounding, 


The mesmerizing rivers tumbling in fury from the mountains; shrunk to a mere trickle as the Sun radiated its hostile rays in full fury, 


The blazing stream of lava which fulminated in tumultuous agony from the ground; cooled as a few days elapsed; and with the drifting of the placid winds, 


The ominous looking black clouds reverberated thunderously in the sky; but after a while the rain pelting down reduced its agony; as the Sun filtered passageways of crystalline blue amidst all vicious dark, 


The delectable and freshly painted exteriors of the edifice; slowly started to develop shades of pathetic yellow; as they blended with the smoke; and weren't 

cleaned meticulously every day, 


The gargantuan shadows of the wandering giant; seemed to loose their entity completely as the stringent light of the day was encroached completely by night, 


The mammoth cubes of frozen ice; shamefully metamorphosed into a pond of water; under sweltering heat of fiery afternoon, 


The monstrous Bull ploughing valiantly through the fields all his life; one day found himself seated by the riverside; not even having the capacity to shrug away the flies sitting right on his nose; as the gradual onset of age; had exhausted every ounce of his

stamina that he once upon a time proudly possessed, 


The dolphin that once swam merrily in the heart of the sea; found itself now kissing the shores; as it felt supremely weary to swim, 


The magnificent palace which once used to be the pride of the Royal Kings and monarchs; was now inhabited only with a battalion of cobwebs and dilapidated

space; as the years and centuries unveiled by, 


The biscuits of silver when extracted raw from deep within the crevices in the earth emanated a scintillating shine and shimmer; but the same transited to cheap nuggets of coal; after being used for several decades; and blending with human oil and


The photograph of the individual looked absolutely astounding when snapped on the first day; but the same resembled a ghost when sighted after infinite fortnights; with obnoxious crusts of dust changing him in drastic entirety, 


The face of the fairy was dainty and stupendously sweet as she descended from the skies; but she hardly had the power to speak; with scores of bones protruding from her cheeks; as she lived for more than a century on planet earth, 


The innocuous wails of an infant were profoundly enamoring to hear when it was just born, however they converted into a sonorous and hoarse; shooing every one away from him; a few months down the line; as he began to walk and joined college, 


The battalion of vegetables appeared young and robust as they were just plucked fresh from the sprawling farm; they however turned rotten, black and blue; with

an incredibly foul odor dissipating from their body; as the previous day now unfurled into the new dawn, 


The dead mans body buried under the ground was embodied with lots of flesh when freshly cremated; but if you dug it up again after a few years; all that was now retrievable was just a pair of bones, 


And everything seemed to wither with age; shrivel and shrink as time sped by; but there was just a single thing that gained more impetus with the passing second; got more passionate as even as everything encompassing it seemed to abdicate life; palpitated more violently as the tyranny of age crept by, or shall we say ' the heart stayed young forever '

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The Heart Stayed Young Forever