Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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To make my eyes special; I feasted them on the unfathomable repertoire of God's astounding beauty; recounting the same to my blind mates submerged in a

blanket of derogatory despair, 


To make my hands special; I hoisted innocuous orphans high up in the air; escalating them towards their elestial dreams, 


To make my feet special; I marched and ran indefatigable kilometers on the trot; intrepidly fighting for my tyrannized motherland, 


To make my lips special; I uninhibitedly unleashed them into a benign smile; imparting perpetual rays of hope to my impoverished mates in inexplicable pain, 


To make my destiny special; I wholeheartedly led each instant of my life; relishing every ray of the Golden Sun on my nimble skin; as each minute unveiled, 


To make my tongue special; I sang the harmoniously philanthropic hymns of humanity; endeavoring my best to unite all alike; with the irrefutable voice of



To make my teeth special; I profoundly savored the fruits of mother nature; propagating the essence of blissful non-violence in every quarter of the

manipulatively violent planet, 


To make my reflection special; I used it to cast spells of rejuvenating exhilaration; upon my dreary compatriots; sinking horrendously towards obdurate soil, 


To make my bones special; I indefatigably persevered all night and day to achieve the ultimate mission of my life; uplift treacherously withering humanity; to

an exotic paradise, 


To make my hair special; I allowed them to drift freely with the gushing breeze; not restraining them to flow into any religion or creed, 


To make my mind special; I fantasized intransigently in the aisles of fabulous desire; formidably augmenting my vision to serve planet earth; as the days unfurled, 


To make my blood special; I drained it out entirely from my veins; enlightening the lives of those relinquishing breath rapidly; to blend with diabolical doomsday, 


To make my shoulders special; I alighted the revered deities of my divinely parents till times immemorial; transporting them to the most; inconspicuously remote

places that they had always wanted, 


To make my existence special; I unflinchingly kept performing my flurry of tasks; impregnably entwining my hands with my fellow beings in traumatic distress

and agonizing pain, 


To make my ears special; I absorbed the unsurpassable melody in the exuberant breeze; taught the demons to relish the benign tunes of Almighty God, 


To make my breath special; I planted an insurmountable battalion of trees; bonding each puff of air I exhaled; perennially with impeccable living beings, 


To make my conscience special; I adopted the path of everlasting righteousness; irrevocably avoiding the temptations of salaciously lecherous desire, 


To make my soul special; I left every element of its goodness to wander far and wide across this globe; illuminating unfound beams of optimism; in all lives shattered and satanically buried under mountains of utter helplessness, 


And to make my heart special; I immortally loved the person of my dreams for infinite more births to come; letting the Omnipotent beats of our love; embrace and

exist together with over other tangible being.

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To Make My Heart Special