Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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A world laden with overwhelming prosperity; touching the hearts of all living organisms alike, 


A world of ubiquitous equality; disseminating the message of perpetual love in every corner submerged with ghastly darkness, 


A world of insurmountably transparent simplicity; with all organisms candidly divulging the inner most feelings of their hearts, 


A world of celestial unity; with the drooping; the poor; and the stinkingly rich; marching ahead; shoulder to shoulder, 


A world of ravishing titillation; with romance being the cardinal savior under milky beams of majestic moonlight, 


A world of uninhibited expression; with nobody being a slave of spuriously bombastic aristocracy, 


A world of vivacious color and charisma; with each individual deluging the atmosphere; with an astounding repertoire of gifted talents, 


A world of jubilant laugher and cheer; with children and the old; fulminating into a cloud of invincible happiness; alike, 


A world of irrefutable altruism; with each entity contributing its best; towards the benign service of philanthropic mankind, 


A world of symbiotic relationship; with people embracing each other; in times of exuberant joy; as well as disparagingly crippling pain, 


A world of bountiful progress; with the amalgamated efforts of all tribes combined; yielding the sweetest fruits of magical success, 


A world of pacific calm; with each living being harboring peace and goodwill in his soul; to blend wholesomely with the divine, 


A world of mesmerizing beauty; with the untamed wilderness of the forests; proliferating into a fountain of newness; every unveiling second, 


A world of impregnable security; with no child ever being orphaned; immaculately sleeping for centuries immemorial; in the lap of its sacrosanct mother, 


A world of perennial goodwill; with each human ardently wishing the best for his fellow counterpart in inexplicable misery, 


A world of marvelous mysticism; with every unfurling path; blossoming into a voluptuously enticing chapter of existence, 


A world of friendship and eternal peace; healing the most horrifically gory wounds; with the balm of unconquerable camaraderie, 


And a world of immortally passionate love; profusely bonding the beats of tangible existence; for infinite births more; till the Creator bestowed life upon earth, 


Is what I have always desired since the time I inhaled my very first breath; and although I indefatigably pray all night and day; to the Almighty lord, 


Believe me; it can wholesomely manifest into an unshakable reality; with me; you and all of us on this colossal planet; united together.

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United Together