Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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When she blushed she looked as mesmerizing as the sparkling oyster shell; as impeccable as the moon, 

Driving me into waves of stupendous rhapsody; inundating my persona with overwhelming exhilaration. 


When she blushed she appeared as ravishing as freshly prepared crusty chocolate; as tantalizing as the crimson rose, 

Catapulting me to unexplored arenas of enchantment; taking my breath away for a few seconds from its very roots. 


When she blushed she looked as innocuous as a newly born child; crying incessantly for its mother, 

Prompting me to shut down all other avenues of work; keep on admiring her until eternity. 


When she blushed she appeared as poignant as green chili; as rustic as the primordial tree roots, 

Sending a plethora of shivers right down to my veins; imparting my sullen face a prominently mystical smile. 


When she blushed she looked as vivacious as the colored rainbow in the sky; as resplendent as the twinkling stars, 

Impregnating in me inexplicable sensations; ones which I had never experienced in my life before. 


When she blushed she appeared as pellucid as the crystal mountain stream; as innocent as an incongruous birthmark, 

Making me erupt effusively with spurts of exuberance; shouting loudly as far as my voice could reach; in the middle of the dead night. 


When she blushed she looked as enticing as chilled tangy juice; as majestic as the kingly peacock blossoming its feathers, 

Knocking all apprehensions from top drawers of my mind; remarkably transforming the monotonous outlook of my thoughts.


When she blushed she appeared as voluptuous as the pelting rain; as perennial as the lush green blades of grass, 

Placing me in a state of speechless ebullience; as she caressed me gently on my bearded cheek. 


When she blushed she resembled the radiating reptile rampantly traversing through the jungle; the scarlet winged parrot bathing in the gurgling river, 

Engendering my eyes to virtually pop out of their sockets; clenching my fists to salute her in due adulation. 


When she blushed she seemed like a celestial fairy having descended from the sky; the most perfect messenger of spontaneous love, 

Making me profoundly oblivious to the disparaging world; making me clearly cognize my sole purpose to live; having taken birth on this earth in the form of a man.

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When She Blushed