Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Why were you smiling spuriously; when actually you were completely shattered from inside? 


Why were the trees blissfully casting their shadows; when actually they felt that they would wither away? 


Why was the sun shining; when actually it felt that it would submerge into a pool of darkness? 


Why was the rose blossoming handsomely towards the sky; when actually every droplet of its juice was being savagely sucked by the parasite? 


Why were the birds chirping melodiously; when actually their nests were completely destroyed? 


Why were the waves simmering placidly; when actually they were soon to be enveloped by a tumultuous storm? 


Why was it raining; when actually the clouds had faded decades ago? 


Why were the fish swimming gleefully; when actually they knew that they were going to be devoured by a hostile shark the very next moment? 


Why were the eyes radiant; when they were actually going to be besieged by wholesome blindness within a few seconds? 


Why was the car traversing like a prince; when actually it was going to plummet into the steep valley; as soon as it reached the bridge? 


Why were the fires blazing vivaciously towards the sky; when actually they were going to blend with loose mud; as soon as the rain came down? 


Why was the businessman busy in millions of dollars worth of business deals; when actually he had lost completely in matters of the heart? 


Why was the rainbow shimmering bombastically in the cosmos; when it actually was going to fade away into thin wisps of oblivion; as soon as the clouds gathered in? 


Why were the buildings standing fortified; tall; and domineering; when actually they were going to be reduced to inconspicuous rubble; with meager strokes of the devastating earthquake? 

Why was the mosquito greedily sucking blood; when actually it was going to get perennial rest in the lizards stomach very soon? 


Why was the ghost wandering in the dilapidated mansion; when he actually knew that he had left for his heavenly abode centuries ago? 


Why did a human being consider himself God at times; when he actually couldn't even guess; as to what was happening just a few centimeters behind his back? 


Why was the old lady shouting exuberantly at the top of her lungs; when she was actually going to relinquish breath any second; due to diminishing old age? 


And why was I living; showing the world my stoical demeanor; working like a machine as If I wasn't the least affected; when in fact I actually knew that I 

had died long ago; and what people saw outside; was just a skeleton of mine; without mind; body and spirit?

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Why Was I Living