Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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The Sun outside was flaming; blistering into infinite shades of grandiloquent crimson as the clouds drifted by, 

Yet the interiors of my dwelling were engulfed by a perpetual darkness; the most minuscule shimmer irrevocably refusing to enter; without my priceless beloved.


The trees outside swayed exuberantly; as the vivaciously exotic storm descended full throttle upon the dolorously gloomy atmosphere, 

Yet the rooms of my dwelling were flooded with satanic globules of blood; and time catapulted back instead of ticking forward; without my priceless beloved.


The stars in the sky outside twinkled to the most unprecedented glow; illuminating every alley of the fathomless planet with profusely enchanting songs of romance, 

Yet each wall of my dwelling wept tears of untamed sorrow; a ghastly solitude entrenched the handsome backdrop of furniture; traumatized by the absence of

my priceless beloved.


The wind outside titillated itself to the most unfathomable horizons of heaven; as cloudbursts of sparkling rain tumbled rhapsodically from the sky, 

Yet the windows of my dwelling intransigently refrained from opening; sulking in the realms of profound boredom; without my priceless beloved.


The peacocks outside on the grass danced to their ultimate hearts content; blossoming their feathers into an incredulous festoon of gorgeously vivid color, 

Yet there was unsurpassable boredom in my dwelling; with an eerie wave of silence cascading till the last bone down my spine; without my priceless beloved.


The panthers outside in the jungle gallivanted majestically up the hills; with a crown of marvelous glittering royally on their heads, 

Yet there was a cloud of barbaric death loitering in every corner of my dwelling; my tongue abdicated to speak even my very own name; without my priceless beloved.


The planet outside brimmed with overwhelming activity; as the wails of boundless newly born stole the hearts of the most treacherously diabolical wandering around, 

Yet the floors of my dwelling culminated into a horrendously pugnacious fragrance; with even the parasitic fleet of mosquitoes not interested in sucking blood; as they inevitably missed my priceless beloved.


The battalion of soldiers outside marched invincibly forward for their country; with an immortal spirit of glorious matrydom poignantly diffusing from their eyes, 

Yet the shadows inside my dwelling immutably refused to subside; lengthening their sinister cover even under the most dazzling of daylight; as they waited in

anticipation for my priceless beloved.

And the world outside spawned into a new beginning as each day transcended over the resplendent night; with the prolific winds of change taking an optimistic

stranglehold on the brutality of the previous day, 


Yet the oligarchic space of my dwelling kept crawling towards an inevitable blackness; kept dying the most heinous death in a mist of fading oblivion; without my priceless beloved.

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Without My Priceless Beloved