Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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I had a cavalcade of ostentatious cars following me every second; with melodious tunes emanating from the sleek music systems, 

The upholstery was plush; the ambience was besieged with a pungent aroma of

wild scented flower, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to hold my hand; make me frivolously smile.


I had a furry quilt made of the finest quality satin; adhered to a bed embossed with pure God, 

Embroidered carpets sprawling on the colossal walls; with the majestic panther

skin hanging limp from the ceiling, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to sing enchanting rhymes; tickle me in

my ribs; make me go to sleep.


I had grandiloquent pool of water in the interiors of my palace; with the waters appearing emerald green in the full moonlight, 

An aquarium of exquisite fish blended with crystalline pebble; with profoundly

embellished life boats floating on the surface, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to splash water on my face; swim with  rejuvenating euphoria beside me.


I had the most succulent of violet grapes lying on corrugated silver; with blood red apple juxtaposed in clusters, 

Ravishing glasses of immaculate milk; the most piquant of green chili; with commensurate proportions of Italian chocolate, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one in vicinity to converse with me; feed me the food with congenial warmth.


I had a piano studded with the most resplendent of diamond; a jugglery of musical instrument lying in exorbitant quantity, 

A slender necked violin leaning on the wall; enmeshed with a myriad of chiseled wire, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one in proximity to listen to the enchanting 

music when I played.


I wore a bullet proof jacket encompassing my chest; with scintillating swords

protruding gallantly from my back, 

A luxuriously emollient suit camouflaging the same; snake leather shoes concluding my kingly attire, 

Yet I felt lonely; as there was none in the surrounding; able to listen to my throbbing heart.


I had amassed sumptuous wealth in the tenure of my life; with currency of all kind cascading down my persona, 

Armed forces parading around the formidable castle I inhabited; an ocean of golden honey plummeting down from the window, 

Yet I felt lonely; as I couldn't purchase her intricate heart with all the affluence I possessed; hold her captive in the prison of my gold.

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Yet I Felt Lonely