Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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You were like that crimson rose in my life; which seldom lost its fragrance; inundating the atmosphere with its heavenly smell, 


You were like that rain cloud in my life; which incessantly showered rain; nourishing the earth profoundly with its caress, 


You were like that concrete wall in my life; which didn't break under the most onerous of load; remained unperturbed under the most deafening of dynamite explosion, 


You were like that gigantic ocean in my life; which never reduced its level; swirled magnificently in the ravishing breeze, 


You were like that foliated tree in my life; which never shed a single leaf; gave a perennial supply of succulent fruit, 


You were like that sea blue nightingale in my life; which unrelentingly chirped notes of mesmerizing music, 


You were like that sacrosanct cow in my life; which yielded a salubrious supply of immaculate milk, 


You were like that twinkling star in my life; which radiated for indefatigable hours; was first to appear in the sky, 


You were like that exquisite fountain ink in my life; which kept on embossing intricate lines of calligraphy; granting overwhelming empathy to words, 


You were like that inflated balloon in my life; which soared abreast the kingly eagles in proximity of the satiny clouds; didn't loose its balance and stoicism even in the most turbulent of storm, 


You were like that colossal whale in my life; which left millions in a stupor after witnessing its form; ruled the ocean for centuries immemorial, 


You were like that impeccable color in my life; which didn't develop an iota of blemish; even when ruthlessly dipped in the most acrid of paint, 


You were like that blade of grass in my life; which remained as green as ever; even when its counterparts withered under the acrimonious tyranny of the sun, 

You were like that tower clock in my life; whose needles never stumbled and stopped; despite of the cells being exhausted, 


You were like that pack of soft cards in my life; which always seemed to incredibly win, 


You were like that wonderful lane in my life; which never seemed to end; transforming mundane life into ebullient spirit of adventure, 


You were like that blissful dream in my life; which catapulted me to unprecedented heights of jubilation, 


You were like that scarlet blood circulating through my body; which reinvigorated my heart and dreary bones; every unleashing minute, 


You were like that celestial fairy in my life; circumventing me with waves of enchantment and robust energy, 


And you were like that omnipresent god in my life; whom we christen by different names; but in the end bow our heads low under his supreme grace.

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You Were Like That Omnipresent God In My Life