Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

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Just an infinitesimal droplet of its mesmerizing golden upon my lips; was enough to irrefutably perpetuate the corridors of ardently untamed longing in my diminutively disheveled persona, 


Just an inconspicuous droplet of its enchanting golden upon my eyelashes; was enough to catapult me beyond the aisles of unprecedented fantasy; for centuries

pricelessly immemorial, 


Just a mercurial droplet of its spell binding golden upon my palms; was enough to bless me as the most unconquerably symbiotic human existing; disseminating

the essence of eternal truth on every quarter of this fathomless Universe, 


Just a parsimonious droplet of its glorious golden upon my tongue; was enough to celestially reinvigorate each of my drearily dying and estranged nerves; replenish my countenance with the mantra of synergistically divine existence, 


Just an evanescent droplet of its exotic golden upon my cheeks; was enough to metamorphose the most traumatically tyrannized suffering of my survival; 

into a rivulet of unsurpassably unending happiness, 


Just an ephemeral droplet of its timeless golden upon my ears; was enough to resplendently enlighten my despondently quavering sensitivity; into a sky of

unassailably bountiful dreams, 


Just a fugitive droplet of its handsome golden upon my fingers; was enough to enthrall me more iridescently than the vivaciously dancing peacocks; as if the

entire exuberance of this panoramic planet had become the whites of my impeccable eye, 


Just a disappearing droplet of its stupendous golden upon my belly; was enough to unfathomably evolve me into an entrenchment of unlimited sensuousness; for

infinite more births yet to unveil, 


Just an obsolete droplet of its ebullient golden upon my tongue; was enough to make me wholesomely oblivious to even the most impregnably enticing titillation on

the trajectory of this boundless Universe; profusely drowning every bone of my body into an ocean of heavenly tanginess, 


Just an insipid droplet of its bounteous golden upon my shadow; was enough to limitlessly tingle me till the epitome of unparalleled voluptuousness; as I

tirelessly slavered on the slippery sand; feasting every pore of my skin in the milky moonlight, 

Just a fleeting droplet of its ingratiating golden upon my nape; was enough to perennially drift me towards the cocoons of inimitably jubilant ecstasy; 

every unveiling instant of my impoverished life, 


Just an infidel droplet of its majestic golden upon my shoulders; was enough to beautifully transpire me to incessantly augment the threshold of my artistry; 

unceasingly replenish my every bone with the countless treasures of this wonderfully holistic Universe, 


Just a minuscule droplet of its rhapsodic golden upon my conscience; was enough to enrich my depravingly beleaguered existence; with the perpetually magnificent colors of unshakable solidarity, 


Just an effervescent droplet of its everlasting golden upon my chest; was enough to triumphantly tantalize till even after the veritable end of my time; and as every ingredient of niceness around me withered and obnoxiously died, 


Just an incongruous droplet of its emollient golden upon my foot; was enough to instill in me the insurmountably intrepid tenacity of an unflinching adventurer; as I patriotically blazed like an inferno of scintillating righteousness; upon every prejudiced trace of the devil, 


Just an inarticulate droplet of its supreme golden upon my soul; was enough to make me ardently persevere for the cause of benevolent humanity; decimate even the most frigid speck of indiscriminate racialism; forever and ever and ever from 

this innocuously vivid planet, 


Just a fugacious droplet of its ever-pervading golden upon my nostrils; was enough for me to assimilate all felicity of a limitless more lifetimes; exist as an undefeated prince even in the most satanically devilish of winds, 


Just an obfuscated droplet of its poignant golden upon my heart; was enough for me to fathomlessly feel the astounding freshness of life to its most indomitable fullest; palpitate more thunderously than the unequivocal clouds; now for the ultimate love of my life, 


O! Yes; such was the Omnipotent power of just that ethereally vanishing droplet of heavenliness that dribbled from your newly wedded skin; such was the incomprehensibly eternal fragrance of just that incoherent droplet which oozed from your immaculate arms; such was the efficacious effulgence of just that tiny droplet of your Godly sweat

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Your Godly Sweat