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I come from a different time when
Our language was alive and free
Before it got raped and spoilt
By those dedicated to being PC.

And I suppose as I'm getting older
And quite full of a bit bluster
And when it comes to being PC
I just can't quite pass  muster
When customer service meant
Looking after a customer's needs
Not Indiscrimate selling
And other modern misdeeds,

And it wasn't yet an insult
To offer up to a lady your seat,
Nor to accept it being considered
To be feminism in retreat,

And addressing her as lady
Was still considered to be ok
Not the male chauvinistic act
It can be regarded as today.
Two sexes, different but equal
In my world it was accepted
Sadly now that belief
Seems to have been rejected.

But if I treat these women as equal
And smack them in the gob
Just the way I'd treat
Any other offensive  yob

They'd probably dissolve in tears
Instead of taking it on the chin;
When dealing with the female
Your average bloke just cannot win.
So I'll continue to be a dinosaur,
Good manners can't be bought;
if you don't like it my lovely I'm sorry
It's just the way that I was taught

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Manners Maketh Man