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If I counted how many red lights I passed,

You thinking I would of stopped to kiss your a**.

You are quite dumb you simple little lad,

How much of a head on collision you are is utterly and ridiculously sad.

Destroying everything you touch…

Like a a thick wrecking bar your hand didn't't even try the clutch.

As odd as it may seem I tried to help you,

Took it for granted like boo boo the fool.

You are nothing but traffic,

Congested, tight and no room to move,

Even if the lights were neon  green you still have much to prove.

Reminisce of an eighteen wheeler,

Drunk and reckless like a non-profit drug dealer.

Lost and confused,

Sorry if you think I am amused.

Your the epitome of calamity,

With so much sh*t it is pure insanity,

Sitting a little too often at your mother's vanity?

You lack the meaning of using your brakes,

When life starts to humble you all there will be left is little flakes.

Do really thought you were getting two cakes?

Traffic…everything about you screams and comes to a halt,

How do you not see that is all your damn fault?

You failed to look ahead but you are suppose to be the future,

I think it is time for you to be neuter!

No matter how you try to turn and twist,

You will stay where you are and learn…so prepare to stay pissed!

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