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It was a quaint little shop

Looking strangely out of place

And the owner was a hermit

With a crinkled young old face.


He was a man of distinction

Of health hearty and hale,

Had looked a Haggis in the 

Eye and lived to tell the tale.

He had lived with a mermaid

Having found her in distress

Nursed her back to health 

To become his new mistress.

He had sailed the seven seas,

Served with a Samurai band,

Been a leading Ronin before

Sailing away for Samarkand


He had awoken the Kraken

Then, before it was too late

Quietly swum away to avoid

A somewhat gruesome fate.

He had hunted with Vampires

But only on those darkest nights

For they'd had to be recoffined

Before any sign of daylight.

The werewolves of Carpathia

Had taught him transfiguration

A secret he'd long discarded

Once he'd left that roving nation.


Bareback ridden a unicorn

Learned all its Pan Pipe skill;

Sometimes early on cold dark 

Mornings he would play it still.

He didn't believe in Faeries.

Didn't like to fantasise,

Only believed in those things

He'd seen with his naked eyes.

I left him making a Herbal tea

Said I didn't quite know when

But the very next time I passed 

I'd pop in and see him again.


I shouted my goodbyes

As he worked away inside

And I eagerly continued on

My Magic Carpet ride.

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