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 Since I cannot sleep

This is the third time, I have written versions to my latest poem.  The first time:  All Poetry's April's 2016 Poem a day challenge. The second time: Poem Hunter. The third time: Poetry poem.  Each version is different, the shorter version belongs to All Poetry.  The longer version belongs to Poem Hunter
Why am I writing this poem?  Why not? I can not sleep!

Sleep won't come, but the morning's sun light has already.
Thank God after all this senseless, typing--my fingers are sore--
but still steady.  I am not ready to begin another day?
Why not pray?  Casting upon him all my worries and my cares.

I freely take all of my numerous problems to the good LORD in prayer.
Why not? You may ask me?  All too frequently, I have failed him.
But he has never failed me, nor deserted me.

Why not count fluffy white peaceful sheep instead?
All too often, I have counted them one by one in my restless bed.
Counting sheep never did give me a peaceful and restful night's sleep.
Counting sheep is as useless as it can be, when did it not fail me?

I would rather pray instead, and journal potty on line.
Dedicating it to the very closet friend of mine.  I can not
see him now, but he watches over me twenty four hours a day.

He never sleeps, and he never slumbers! He can count the remaining
hairs still on my head.  He knows why I am canalizing instead of resting
in my bed.  He understands why I no longer count sheep.  And he knows gas
(in my mid section) is why I can not sleep.

I will praise him for every  restful night and praise his holy name!
My beloved LORD Jesus Christ.  He is a lamp unto my feet, and a lamp
unto my hand.  He never fails to understand, nor forgets to hold mine hands.
For the rest of my life, he has a divine plan!

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
aka  Roxy54/  October Country
April 4, 2016

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