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1920s woman

She's a 1920s woman with a 1920s style,

She got shapely detonators, dynamite to blow your mind.

She rages over ragtime, she got syncopated feet,

Her dress so thin, well it feels like skin,

There ain't nothin' underneath.


She's a 1920s woman in her 1920s bath,

Snaps her pretty fingers someone winds her phonograph,

She craves the latest fashion, skirt way above her knees,

Steps out with chaps, top hat and spats,

Comes home by limousine.


She's a1920s woman with a 1920s smile,

She an independent lady, smokes cigarettes and drives.

She's gaspin' for a cocktail, a little jazz'll go down fine,

She's a pleasure-bomb, got her garters on,

The band strikes up at nine.

© Joseph G Dawson