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My dog's outside barking

He's really pushed his Luck

I think he's only been and

Gone and terrified my duck


My parrot's chuntering away

I can hear him out back

For some strange reason

My duck has lost his quack


I can hear the hens and geese

And other farm yard noise

But for some strange reason

My duck has lost his voice


I can hear a cock pheasant

And there's a wild coot

But still for some reason

My duck remains mute


I love those natural sounds 

Regard nature as my chum

And I find it upsetting that

My duck has gone dumb.


I put it to him straight

In a man to duck  talk

It didn't do much good

Not a single squawk

So I plucked and drew and cooked 

Him. He's on the table on his back

That'll teach my duck

Not to lose his quack


My family ate him up

Couldn't believe their luck

But what good to any man

Is a non quacking duck.

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Duck Soup