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Tears on a pillow

Sometimes I write about girls I don't know

But wish I did, I fashion them as beautiful

Creatures, I make their hair soft, their eyes

Warm and their hearts glow with love. They

Are not real girls simply idealised sketches,

Figments of my imagination - dream girls

Pixels of perfection I don't know and

Probably never will.


It's nice I think to idealise the unlikely,

Situations that never existed, places one can't

Find on a map, a wonderful way to say

Goodbye to the day with a beautiful creature

Running wild beside you, there but at the same

Time not there. I had a love once in fact twice,

But now following a brace of broken hearts I

Prefer to dream...


Sometimes I give the girls names, pretty names

Easily whispered, easily written with a moist finger

On a comely breast, shadows of the mind, they

Breathe the air I breathe, and as such are intimately

Known to me, I know them by name, shape, height,

Weight and birthday, I know everything there is to

Know about them.


Love when it dies leaves behind a ghost, a tooled

Impression on the heart that cannot and will not

Be erased and oftentimes as I have found, haunted

Nights are made easier by turning these ghosts into

Kinder nicer creatures thus overcoming a profound

Sense of longing and loss, it's all in the mind of

Course - but better there than tears on a pillow.


© Joseph G Dawson