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 Garland of stars


Have I not whispered 'I love you' a thousand times,

Have I not pledged every star in the sky as a garland

For your ankle, your wrist and your pretty neck, have

I not pleased you in every way I can?


I have been waiting to hear from you, hurting to hurting

To hear from you, dying to hear from you and yet no

Word for weeks. Shall my wrist bear the blade marks

Of despair before a word of love is uttered in my defence?


What have I done, what have I not done? I ache for the

Draught of your cologne, the touch of your hand, your

Shadow on the wall, your voice, your lips, your kiss, your

Body sliding towards mine - sensations branded on my

Heart forever, iindelibly printed on my soul.


Don't do this to me I beg, I am nothing without you, I

Am low and may never rise again. Bring me the kiss

Of life, tell me you love me, and that will be a start. I

Will not see tomorrow if I do not have your love tonight.

Smother me in flesh, drown me in love and let that be

An end to it. Push me aside when I am done and think

No more of me, save for the garland of stars I leave

Behind as a token of my undying love for you.


© Joseph G Dawson