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 For What Purpose
Thursday came to knock upon
A soul to rise, He calls his son
To answer why I have no cause
To feel that life has lost applause

Sometimes the mind will press one too
To feel a loss if for a few
As work not done still waits ahead
Ahead of one deeds still spoon fed

For what purpose rang my bell
Again to door of heartfelt swelled
For what and who please say pray tell
As silence came, upon me fell

My trip to work was just beginning
A cup to fill unknown for filling
Came walking in at 2 feet tall
A breath of life, blonde and quite small

She stood in line just right behind
With mom in hand and just in time
My answer came to treat this munchkin
A chocolate glazed donut for munching

Her name Sofia, her mom's Courtney
Spitting image answers, two, shortly
Came to be purpose to fill
A hungry child and my Gods will

The answer came upon leaving
This place of business and my believing
That all was said and done that day
But not so fast I'd soon hear say

Thanks once again dear sir your kind
Gesture to us words hard to find
To tell you that I had to scrounge
Some change in van barely I found

You see if it were not for you
I would have not enough for two
You being there helped feed my child
The donut craved for a short while

Her mother said she left her purse
Back at her home but even worse
The thought she would not have enough
To buy this treat would have been rough

She thanked me more than she had to
So did Sophia and then I knew
It was revealed right then and there
It was for this God's heart I bared

Base on a recent trip to Dunkin Donuts
For Sophia and Courtney who opened my spiritual eyes

On a day that they were closed


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