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 The Yong of Yonga Yonga Land

Had learned to count to three

By using both his elbows

And the cap of his left knee.

By the use of his right one 

He found he could add one more

And so the Yong of Yonga Yonga 

Could suddenly count to four.


He'd progressed a little further

Having learned this little trick

And so he  got to five

By adding in his navel

The  Zong of Zonga Zonga land

Being Jealous of this skill

Ambushed him in the woods

With a real intent to kill


Thus he fell a victim 

Of a far too early a demise 

Being felled deaded by a brick

He caught between the eyes.

And to this very day

The Yongs and Zongs unite

Three times a year in memory

 Of that dreadful dreadful night.


And they have a five day week

A very peculiar amount

Because thanks to that tragedy

That's as far as they can count.

And every single year ends when

seventy three weeks have passed

And every single one is

A repeat of the last.


Life had been so simple

Until it went a little bad

Because the Yong of Yonga

Went and learned to add

The moral of this story is 

That whatever in life you do

It can get a little complicated

If it's shared by more than two.




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