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Summer has come to stay

Every time I knocked on Winter's door it

Was raining, and one wet evening following

A couple of cold kisses I felt compelled to

Remark on how often it rained, 'Must be an

Omen' she said and indeed it was - I never

Knocked again


Odd, how easy it is to think oneself in love,

And then something as common as the weather

Comes along to intervene, punctuating an affair

That was little more than a chore, a duty, a

Habit, a lingering self-deception.


Her mind as see-through as her dress, skimpy

Thoughts my first thought, kiss and run my

Second; but I was wrong, she was a honey of

A girl with a daring sense of high-fashion,

Up-to-the-minute taste, gorgeous to the core,

And lovingly innocent.


Finishing a relationship and starting another so

Soon would normally ring warning bells of the

Loudest kind but no, ne’er a tinkle was heard.


And nor should there have been for the contrast

Between cold kisses and warm sighs was like the

Seasons themselves. Long familiar have I been

With the cold snap of Winter, icicles my old friends

These many years, but now the sun had come out

And with it Summer has come to stay.


© Joseph G Dawson