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Nothing to prove

Fate has a reputation of suddenly and

Unexpectedly changing the course of life,

And so it was one busy lunchtime that I

found myself in town, waiting at a crossing,

And there in front me a life-changing,

Drop-dead gorgeous image of perfection,

Fabulous legs, wolf whistle shoes, standing

Only inches away from the kerb, her slender

Back only inches away from me. I knew at

Once should she turn round that I would fall

Instantly in love. Her hips, her hem, riding on

The wind as the traffic rushed by, so near, I

Could touch her, so far away, a Goddess with

Nothing to prove.


A beautiful girl in a summer dress, so light, so

Not there as to paint pictures I longed to see.

Were I to lift her up I knew I would feel the

Warmth of her body touching mine, her dress

No guard against intrusion, a little slight perhaps

But all there, her figure screamed 'Love me,'

And I was ready to oblige.


Forgive me if I go on a bit, but she was by far the

Most beautiful creature I have ever encountered.

I am drawing a picture of love at first sight, the

Magnetics of unfettered attraction, destiny if you

Like, supercharged seconds of reverie, when

A heart knows something extra-special is about

To happen, when time stands still and there are

Only two people left in the whole world.


Here I was trying to work out how to get her to

Turn round, and there she was clocking me

In a shop window opposite. Did a car pass too

Close to the kerb forcing her to fall backwards

Into my arms, or maybe was it some other agency

Secretly working in my favour, a bus perhaps or

A bicycle? To be honest, I don't know, I wasn't

Watching watching The traffic.


© Joseph G Dawson