Words of Silence

Title: Words of Silence

In a distance I see
Her tears rolling down her cheeks
As I ponder the thought
Of what could have brought such distraught
For her beauty I see
Is as eloquent as princess should be
Yet I see the sadness
As she sits on her knees
I am angered for what I see
Such destruction to beauty cannot be
As I approach her slowly
She looks upon me with a broken heart
Which I can see
I extend my arms as she comes to me
Embracing her gently
I am holding her tight
In hopes she will feel warm, and secure through her plight
Time passes us by gracefully
As she gathers herself so eloquently
She looks into my eyes
I can see her heart
As she turns, and walks away
Her smile was adequate thanks
I was very pleased to see
A happy princess walk away from me

Paul Randall Fox (c) Highway