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Open up your eyes,
On what you were taught;
Besides being wise,
Know what you have got.
Be very careful,
Thinking about it;
And very prayerful,
Onto the Spirit.
Study and manage,
In many proverbs;
So not to damage,
Someone it disturbs.
Just find the right word,
In writing the truth;
So when it is heard,
It sounds not uncouth.
Words from wise people,
Are merely like spurs;
Heard in the temple,
Without any slurs.
Sayings are like nails,
And firmly driven;
As a boat with sails,
The course as given.
It is one shepherd,
Who watches the sheep;
That nothing is heard,
As the flock will sleep.
Be wary and warned,
People keep writing;
And you will be scorned,
Through some backbiting.
Studying too much,
Will wear out your mind;
As the loving touch,
You will never find.
After having heard,
All that has been said;
Fear God and His Word,
Nourish you instead.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer

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