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God's Builder

No person in History has done what he has done
No one living or dead, not a single one

I'll tell you how he did it, from his point of view
And you can be absolutely certain that it is true
Join me now, as we go far back in time
To a world that is different from yours and mine

I met a man one night while I was asleep
When my dreams were vivid and at their peak

He told of a great time in the history of man
And he offered to take me to this magical land

The man had a wise and gentle face
And I found myself curious to see this place
When it was time to go, I took his hand
And we slowly drifted back to this distant land

We traveled on currents of warm, gentle air
And before I knew it, we were there
The structure that I saw is part of my story
Before me stood a great temple, in all of its glory

Built strong and mighty, with glory untold
And it was embellished with the finest gold

It seemed to reach up, to God's own door
I had never seen anything like it before

It was the crowning achievement of the human race
And I could feel the souls of the men who built this place
How will I get the answers that I seek?
I stood in silence as my knees became week

The man looked at me and he understood
That I wanted to know everything that I could

“You are the great King Solomon!” as I saw his face
“Yes, I am the one that God chose to build this place”

I was standing next to the wisest man in all creation
And the one who ruled over God's Holy nation

God appointed me to rule over His great land
To become King, and do the work of His hand

But I was overwhelmed and afraid to rule
Next to Him, I stood as a timid young fool

At last sleep came to me that night
And I saw the Lord in all of his glory and might

He told me to ask for him for anything
And whatever I asked for, He would bring

He would give it to me as a gift that was free
And anything that I wanted, would belong to me

The wealth of the world, fine silver and gold
Before my feet, it would all unfold

The world would envy the things that were mine
I would be the richest king of all time

Servants to own to accomplish any task
And all that I had to do was ask

Lord, you have shown great kindness to make me king
And now I ask you for just one thing

Give me a heart to govern and decide
And to know what is pleasing in your eyes

To rule your people and know right from wrong
To be fair and honest my whole life long

For who can be Stewart of your mighty hand
And make you proud of the people of your land

The Lord said “I ‘m impressed with what you asked of me
You could have requested a long life, you see

You could have asked me to kill those in your way
And I would have taken their lives this very day

You could have wanted to be the richest man who ever lived
And I would have granted it, I have these gifts to give

But you asked for only the Wisdom to rule my land
To govern my people with a fair and discerning hand

I will give you all that you have asked me to bring
And even more, I will also add the following things

You will be the wisest man who ever lived
You will rule with honor, over this Kingdom I give

Prosperity and peace will reign over this land
And the world will know the wisdom of your hand

Any decision you make, you will clearly understand
And your knowledge shall be greater than any man

My people will number more than the sands of the sea
And under your rule, live in peace and harmony

You will speak three thousand proverbs, true and wise
And the songs that you write will number a thousand and five

You will find new discoveries about my plants and trees
And share them for the entire world to see

You will author two great books in my Holy Word
And you will write most of the book of Proverbs

Your father, David was a warrior, who killed many men
You will build my temple, with the plans that I gave him

And that is how this place came to be
That mighty Temple that King Solomon showed to me

Danny Fisher          3-23-16

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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