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Drunks spray ROUNDUP chemicals on your
Lawn and lilac bush
Killing the first
Almost killing the second
As you are begging them not to
After you're explaining your
Son just came over earlier
Spraying a broad leaf weed killer on
The lawn that won't kill the grass.

Drunks spend hours attempting to fix
Gas weed eaters
As you are telling them the
Electric weed eater your daughter-in-law
Loaned you is fine
Because you already know all about it
Then after a few hours of chaotic non production
They use the gas weed eater
On your lawn in front of your fifth-wheel
Down to the dirt
When you already live in a dust bowl
Which you are slowly trying to eradicate.

Drunks know I don't like them drunk
When it's hard enough for them
Just being sober
One has to know how to handle their liquor
And not need a babysitter to drink every time
How can a person drink a half-gallon of hard liquor
A day for quite a few days and not die
I've seen people die of liver failure
Many times
I've had friends who drank
Beg me to help them as they were dying
An early death from alcoholism
Friends who were my friends before
They were nursing home patients
And I was their nurse
Liver failure is the worst death.

Drunks can run out of funds for their addiction
They will ask you to open your bottle of Jack
That you are saving for later because you
Rarely drink and when you do
It's sour mash whiskey and coke
The only thing worth the liver failure
But you have to say "no"
Because you know they will drink
The whole bottle and you'll end up
Having to listen to their drunkenness
Worrying about them awaking the neighbors
In the middle of the night with their screaming
This one tries to have patience with the diseased
Because this one is diseased too
Maybe in a lesser form
But broken anyway
So there it stays
The sour mash for
Perhaps some Saturday night
After the bricks are put down for
A safe fire pit
When the moon is full maybe
Or some other mystical time
A lady prepares for drinking
In her own yard
By a fire
Just like a real cowgirl
A betty from the South
That BUBBA SPARKS sings about

Drunks can stop drinking for months
Until this one falls in love with them
The sober half
Not knowing the drunkard half
Until he doesn't come home one Friday night
And this one is calling hospitals concerned
While the drunk has no concern
Not even for himself
Will piss his pants
Embarrass the teenagers in the basement partying
Drive drunk after one begs them not to
Getting a DU II about 15 minutes later
Alcohol pickles the drunks liver
Until it can no longer process the alcohol
This means it eventually takes less and less
Alcohol to get intoxicated
Leading to death of brain cells
Pickled liver
Pickled brain
Have a picnic
Go insane.

4/20/2016 0305PST cj

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