Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


My eyes open to the darkness
I see the grooves in the wood that imprisons me
I'm confused
I try to move but I'm in a box
Encased in soft velvet
As I start to panic I hit at the sides
Dirt falls on my face from the grooves between the slats
I try to draw air seeking calm
But something feels off
As the air enters my body I feel no relief
It just feels empty and wrong
And I can taste the particles in the stillness
As they enter my system
I can smell everything
I'm frightened
I don't understand
Everything seems different
Terror sets in and I beat at this trapping darkness
My fists burst through the wood
I expect to feel pain but it doesn't come
All I feel is the dirt
I claw my way through it searching for the light
As I reach the top
Dragging myself from the depths I look down
The pit below me looks strange
I turn around searching for answers
A clue to tell me why I was put there
And I find it
Etched into the granite is my life
I'm dead
The realization hits me like massive weight
Then I'm confused again
If I'm dead then why am I so
                              Sarah Goldblatt

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