Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


I hear them all around me
The shrieks of the lost ones
They've no chance now
the walkers have them
They're surrounded by the dead
Panic starts to set in
They've no hope left
No last ditch attempt of rescue
I can't bear to hear their suffering any longer
It's the kids that get to me most
I hear their pitiful cries
I feel their terror deep inside me
All I can do is try to tune it all out
I want so much to save them but I don't know how
Then it happens, I get a thought
The spark of a plan of rescue
I will save them
I look around searching for the extra supplies
spotting them over in the corner I lunge for them
Digging through all of our meagerly belongings
I find what I'm looking for
A small whistle and a flashlight
"Cover me!" I yell to the others
as I break into a run towards the other side of the building
I quickly circle around to where the other part of our group is trapped
The dead are almost through the thin wooden doors
if they make it through my friends will die
I can see one of the little girls crying
Terror in her face as a walker reaches for her
A few inches closer and she would be joining their ranks
I blow the whistle and turn the flashlight on
trying to distract the undead
They respond as I thought
turning in my direction and coming for me
The easier prey
"Run!" I yell to the others as I lead the monsters away
Just as I round a corner I see them follow my instructions
Then I hit the wall and lose my balance
its a dead end, I went the wrong way
I turn to go back but the walkers are descending
By freeing my friends I have condemned myself
I let one tear fall before taking out my gun and aiming into the horde
Just as the first bite rips into my flesh tearing it from my bones
I shoot
The last thing I hear is my own screams before I'm consumed by the dead

                                                                                                         Simi & Sarah 6/2012

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