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Ronnie--a Man of Truth Always

Give of Your Best to Jesus All the Time

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Don't Let Your Manners Slip

Be mindful of the things you have about you and give your praise to God.
Serve Him with a gladness; in your heart and make it a point to honestly serve Him.
Praise the Lord for all the great things He has done and are doing.
 Never tire of  serving God for all He has done to help you.
Offer your best to Him on a continual basis.
Never leave your duties for another to do.
This is wrong of us to leave our work undone.
Knowing we are to be stronger and more yielded to Him.
Give of ourselves each and every day according to the will of God.
Make it a point to happily serve Him and feel the joy that is  your's.
Don't pout and be lugubrious over something you have no control.
Give the things you can't control over to God for He will handle them.
This is the way to do that is best done; in faith and love.
Don't let your manners slip as you serve God.
Come to Him through Jesus for He is the only Way to God.
No one comes to God but through Jesus.
Make this an affirmation of doing the Lord right.
Give to Him what He has blessed you.
Making it a promise to serve Him with all of your heart and life.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2016-4-19)

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