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Give of Your Best to Jesus All the Time

Mankind is given with many options of doing things right or wrong.
The ones that wisely chooses are the favored.
I am most happy to know that God is with me every single day.
I offer the best I am able to do for Jesus and He acknowledges that.
There is a peace and a joy felt from having done the Lord right.
Because it is with the Lord that all things are right and in their proper order.
Each has a purpose of doing the Lord right and loving Him.
It is with this desire to doing right that God is blessed and praised.
May we be both contented to do the right things; in life, and secondly, to acknowledge the Lord for all He is.
There is a peace that is ours to claim and to feel from within our hearts as we give our lives over to God.
May we be studious and certain we are doing the right thing for Him and His sake.
May we never tire of doing the Lord right or wanting to please Him.
For as we serve Him; He will faithfully bless our lives with joy.
There is no want or desire to improve what we are doing for we ar giving our best to Him..
Bless the Lord and never tire of doing Him right.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2016-4-19)

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